June 13, 2020

Dear friends

I've had members tell me how much they miss coming to church.  They miss seeing everyone - they miss the hugs and handshakes - they miss singing.  Don't we all?  Things that we took for granted until only a few months ago.

But is it safe to return?  Many of you have also told me that it doesn't feel safe to you.  We are allowed to re-open, at 30% capacity, if we obey a long list of health and safety rules.  However, our Bishop Michael Pryse strongly recommends that we wait - at least until September. 

We are engaged in a world war and our enemy is an invisible virus. So for the sake of our neighbour, to keep our neighbour, especially our older ones, safe, I recommended to council that we follow Bishop Michael's recommendation.  Council was in full agreement.

Bishop Michael's letter to the Eastern Synod churches - and a letter from your church council - is attached.

But meanwhile, your church council, the pastoral care team, our worship & music committee and others will spend time over the summer investigating what we need to do to get ready for opening.  We will also explore ways to broadcast the service or integrate it with how we've been worshipping on Zoom.  There are lots of things to check out!

May God continue to fuel our imaginations and open our eyes to new ways of being church.  After all - the church is not a building - it's the people!  When those who love Jesus come together, in person, through Zoom or any other way - "church" happens!

As always, if you have any thoughts or concerns, please share them with me or a member of council.


Pastor Ann