Westside grows food for the Salvation Army, the Food Bank and the Woman’s and Children’s Shelter.  The garden is planted, weeded and harvested by our volunteers.  For the size of our plot (16m x 8m) on our church property the yield is extraordinary!  

2019 was our garden's 8th year.  Over the years, our garden has produced an average of 645 pounds of fresh vegetables.  These vegetables are donated to the Women's and Children's Centre, the Salvation Army Bayside Mission and the Food Bank. 

2019 was a dry summer - but still we produced 50 pounds of beets, 112 pounds of carrots and 264 pounds of potatoes.

It takes around 90 total hours of labour to produce the crop.  We thank all the volunteers who help plant, weed, water and harvest.  A special thank you to the 14th Barrie Scouts who helped with planting and harvesting.  We also thank the children of the Montessori school located in the upper floor of the Westside building.  They helped in planting too!