With the arrival of COVID-19 in Canada, life changed.  The last time we worshipped together in person was Sunday March 8th 2020

At Westside, our Purpose Statement says:  LIVING IN CHRIST: COMMITTED TO LOVE

It continues to say: With the help of God, we will

  • utilize the strength and passion of our faith to serve all people, sharing the Good news
  • embrace our youth and nurture them in their faith journey
  • open our doors, our arms, and our hearts to everyone offering an atmosphere of peace, security and respect
  • worship in a joyful, uplifting and refreshing way
  • encourage growth in faith by providing opportunities for reflection and learning
  • support and nurture the development of Christ-centred leadership and other spiritual gifts
  • be generous in sharing what God has given us: our time, our talents and our treasures
  • cherish and care for God's creation

During this time of social distancing with our church building is closed, we have to rethink how we do things.  Today, April 9, our prime minister revealed that it's going to take much longer than any of us want before we can resume life as we know it.

But God is still with us - we continue to be followers of the risen Christ.  We're just learning to worship and gather for prayer and learning in different ways.   

Easter will still come - COVID-19 can't stop us from celebrating the resurrection!

So let us pray for inspired imaginations - to find new ways to use the "strength and passion of our faith" to serve, pray, worship, and love.

May God bless you richly this Easter and always!

Pastor Ann