Ruth is a founding member of Westside.  Please enjoy her words of wisdom!

Covid 19 has ruined my reputation!  I have been known for years as the woman who is never home!  Whether it was playing bridge once, twice, maybe three times a week, serving on a church committee or two, having lunch or dinner with friends, I was always out somewhere.  And I loved every minute. 

Ruined reputation or not, I have adapted beautifully to a life of inactivity.  I miss my friends, my church family, my bridge girls, but thanks to Ma Bell (actually Mr Rogers!) we keep in touch.   Sadly, like so many others, I’ve lost close friends and family members, and not been able to grieve with their families.  I’m not alone in this, it’s happened to many of us.    

Despite all the changes in our lives today, I’m still basically a happy camper.  Yes, there’s a lot of sadness around us, but I can only do so much about that.  I think we’re all just better to go on doing what we always do, whether it’s playing music, tending to our gardens, teaching, preaching, painting a picture.  Getting on the best we can, one day at a time, helping out when we can.

Peace and God’s Blessings to all, Ruth Keffer