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On the evening of Friday Dec. 18, 25 of us (the maximum allowed for outdoor gatherings) delighted in the opportunity to do something "normal".  We sang Christmas carols together!

As a singer, one thing I have greatly missed these past months, is singing with others.  One advantage of Zoom - when we gather through Zoom on Sunday mornings, we are free to sing our loudest - to make a "joyful noise" unto the Lord!  Who cares if our voices wobble or are slightly out of key - to God it is beautiful.

But joining you from the sanctuary, the tech and worship teams don't sing. We're not supposed to sing indoors.  Our soloist of the week does however - either wearing a singer's mask, or distancing from everyone by at least 3 metres.  

So singing beloved Christmas carols together around a fire was a rare treat.  We persevered, despite foggy glasses, wearing masks, and cold toes.  I think we sang almost all the carols on our song sheets - and others beside.

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and shared your voices.  Thanks to Hugh and Andrea who shared their fire pit, to Linda for getting the fire permit, and to Daryl for bringing the wood.

Next year - we'll do this again.  God willing, without the masks!


Pastor Ann Krueger